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The brief

A competition that’s designed to encourage learners to sign up for the Islamic Youth Account. The competition will run from 24 July to 15 September 2017 and will target 73 Islamic schools nationwide. At its close, the school with the most account sign-ups will win R250,000. To make it fair, the winning school will be chosen based on the number of accounts opened, relative to the number of learners in the school.


The idea

Honour Your Roots. Invest in Your Growth Shari’ah Compliant Youth Banking allowing you to progress through principles. Growing a community starts with the nurturing and cultivation of the youth. Much like a tree, a seed must be planted and cared for until the roots are strong enough to stand alone. The Absa Islamic Banking Youth Account exists to give the Islamic Youth of South Africa every opportunity of growing and flourishing into the leaders of tomorrow without compromising on their commitment to Shari‘ah principles.





2016 VS 2017 SIGN-UPS up by +-230%

Islamic Banking_HQ

Islamic Banking_HQ

The elements

Various kinds of communication were released for the duration of the competition. Each element was targeted at different members of each schooling community. Our first point of contact was the headmasters of each school. An emailer was sent to them informing them of the competition as well as communicating to them that a representative from Absa would be visiting their school with the additional communication elements.


The headmasters were presented with a campaign in a box, which will contain a token of courtesy in the form of a painting that we have chosen to represent the campaign. The painting is themed around the Islamic symbol of the ‘tree of life’ and metaphorically links to honouring the roots of Islam and investing in the youth. The additional elements in the box include a DL brochure/ A5 leaflet which will be distributed to the teaching staff, informing them of the competition and to get them to encourage their learners to sign up for their accounts, a DL brochure/flicker book which will be given to each student to take home to their parents to inform them on how the competition works and the benefits of the account. A z-card application form will be enclosed in this element alongside a bag of seeds which the learners will be encouraged to plant at home as a symbol of the beginning of their journey. Each week, our representative will visit each school to collect completed application forms and open their accounts.

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