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The message:

Introducing our new range of treats. When your best friend deserves a little extra reach for our chewy meaty treats, biscuits or dental-care sticks - all containing VITARITE*

The approach:

We wanted to really capture a man, and his best friends journey through beautiful South Africa. From our TVC that showed snippets, to you actually being able to follow them on Social Media. The launch of Bobtail's range of treats really captured the imagination of the public. And. really brought to life the saying "Man's best friend." in a memorable and engaging way.


Bobtail TVC

Bobtail TVC

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Image headline:
Looking at South Africa like…


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Exploring every corner of South Africa from a dog's point of view. We're taking on nine provinces in nine months and you get to experience it with us – if you like our page. #BobtailJourney

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Are you ready buddy? Nine whole months around SA!


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Remember your first road trip? Remember how it felt to have no expectations, but to be ready for every type of experience our country could offer? That's Bruno right now and you get to join him on his wild adventure across South Africa.

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So, Bruno started packing and this is what we have to work with – so far. I guess everything's coming with us on our #BobtailJourney across #SouthAfrica. What's your dog's must-have toy?

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It's five days before our #BobtailJourney kicks off and Bruno found his must-have travel gadget. He just loves capturing moments himself and he'll be sharing all of them with you.

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Three days before we head off to the first destination on our #BobtailJourney across #SouthAfrica and there's still so much to pack. Could you help us out with a checklist?

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#BobtailJourney Day 1: Our first stop is the Mother City! As you can see, Bruno loves these streets, because this is the place we call home. Share a picture of your dog owning their street.

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#BobtailJourney Day 3: So, it's Bruno's first time seeing these guys and he's trying to figure out if penguins have knees. But seriously, do they?

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#BobtailJourney Day 7: Some of our friends joined us today and we walked up to our personal #HiddenGem spot. This is something we do every time we get together. Bruno and his friends love the freedom they have up here so much that they couldn't stay still for this shot.

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#BobtailJourney Day 5: When Bruno was just a puppy, he wasn’t a fan of the beach – he didn’t enjoy the water or dig holes to chill in. So, today I laugh, because this little guy has become such a Capetonian, loving the beach as though it was made just for him 😂.

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 I just want to be friends…


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Bruno loves making new friends, no matter where we are. We're hoping you'll share your dog's photo to let him know who'll be following our #BobtailJourney across #SouthAfrica

WEEK 2 | Image headline:
There's a reason we're South Africa's most-loved dog food


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The secret is Bobtail® Meal Enhancers – a simple, yet delicious way to turn every meal into an experience. We're definitely taking them with us on our #BobtailJourney across #SouthAfrica

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WEEK 1 | Image headline:
One man. One dog. Nine months. Nine provinces. #BobtailJourney


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We're going on the most epic journey around South Africa. It's all about a man and his dog's mind-blowing bond. Simply like our page to be a part of our #BobtailJourney

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