July, 2015
Total meets and exceeds its marketing objectives, thanks to Team MHAME

To whom it may concern

Total Egypt contracted Mortimer Harvey Africa Middle East – Egypt Ltd. (MHAME) in February 2015 to perform a complete review of its lubricants reseller distribution channel.

MHAME presented a seven-week review plan including field work to help the company achieve its fair share of the lubricants market. MHAME identified several opportunities to build Total Egypt’s reseller channel capabilities and identified the root causes underpinning recent market developments that were detrimental to the company. They formulated a number of recommendations with a clear implementation plan to steer the market back to growth.

The results have exceeded our expectations. We could see positive signs of recovery after just a few weeks, which has contributed greatly to the restoration of the Total Egypt Resellers Sales team morale and confidence.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight my appreciation to MHAME for their excellent work and team spirit, for their commitment to Total Egypt and, most importantly, for their unique approach to delivering results on the ground, which is both outstanding strategically and very hands-on and impactful at an operational level.

Thomas Rebeyrol
Managing Director