June, 2016
Say hello to the new kids on the block

Mortimer Harvey is pleased to announce that even more talented folks have joined the family.

From Action Ambro’s, Mortimer Harvey welcomes three new faces, along with numerous Persian carpets and what might or might not be Ned Stark’s sword from Game of Thrones.

Andrew Ambrogioni         

Chief Creative Director

“My children and family take up most of my heart, but they share it with all things adventurous, exploring the unknown and having out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Never stay still – if it has a story to tell, it’s worth doing. My smart is a combination of a passion for new things, being different and unique, and always exploring my creative boundaries.”

Alison Kelly                        

Business Unit Director

“My heart, smart and superhuman strength is directly in proportion to the quality and quantity of coffee in my system! It’s the best fuel on the planet for just about any and every situation.”

Tommy Rintoul                  


“My superhuman strength is inspired by three things: great design, great teamwork and great coffee. My smart is creative problemsolving based on a sound knowledge of market trends and a solid understanding of what the client wants.”

Mortimer Harvey has also reshuffled the studio to squeeze in four more delightful and interesting personalities, bringing new blood, new ideas and some revolutionary undercurrents. Say hello to…

Alicia John                        

Senior Strategist

“My heart lies is in helping people, which is why I’m also a hospital volunteer. My smart comes from years of studying data and shopper journeys to gain an understanding of the consumer’s mind so as to more accurately predict their behaviour.”

Dylan Mortimer                  

OmniChannel Project Coordinator

“My heart lies with anything new, fresh and exciting. I agree with Einstein wholeheartedly that doing the same thing day in and day out for the rest of my life would make me go insane. My smart is my passion for finding innovative ways and technologies to understand and communicate with consumers.”

Ryan Dick                          

Systems and Insight Engineer

“My heart is open-source, particularly when it comes to overindulged Irish Setters. My smart is computational maths and an unerring ability to escape the clutches of the Borg collective.”

Chanel Tempelhoff            

Junior Designer

“My heart is in learning as much as I can to continue growing as an individual. My smart is picking up things quickly (like falling coffee cups) and delivering on time.”