June, 2017
Mortimer Harvey wins Western Union® social media account

JOHANNEBSURG – 30 June. Over 200 countries and territories trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide. And now, Western Union has entrusted us, at Mortimer Harvey, with unifying the African segment of their global audience through one social media platform. Entrusting us with the task of communicating with five different countries, a plethora of cultural and religious beliefs, as well as a multitude of different languages is testament to our innovative approach to non-traditional social media communications.

A combination of in-depth strategic insights, creative social media copywriting and intensive programmatic targeting has enabled us to produce segmented communications that cater to a wonderfully diverse community. Our primary mandate is to unify this community through inspiring, thought-provoking social media content.

Run-of-the-mill content is a thing of the past and at Mortimer Harvey we are using this opportunity to flex our muscles, both creatively and digitally. By furthering our ability to innovate within the social media realm we are ensuring that as our industry adapts, so do we.