November, 2014
Mortimer Harvey reels in five Assegai Awards

Mortimer Harvey has won two Gold Assegai Awards, one Bronze Award and one Leader Award. Mortimer Harvey’s sister events and promotions company, LM&P, also received a Leader Award. These awards were announced on 6 November 2014 at the Assegai Awards, which recognise innovation, creativity, strategy and return on investment within the industry.
Andrew Fradd, Group Managing Director of Mortimer Harvey, says the agency is delighted with the awards. “The Assegai Awards are all about excellence in direct marketing – innovation, strategy, creativity and, most importantly, results. It’s all very well creating an amazing conceptual campaign, but if it doesn’t translate into real return on investment for our clients, it doesn’t fly.”

Mortimer Harvey’s Direct Marketing and CRM division brought home a Gold Award for an Absa Employee Relationship Marketing campaign and a Gold Craft Award for Art Direction for an Absa Private Banking Employee campaign.

The agency also achieved a Bronze Award in the Direct Mail: Addressed Campaigns category for the British Airways Credit Card launch and a Leader Award for the Virgin Money WTF (Why The Fees) campaign in the category of Direct Response: Mass Media. LM&P received a Leader Award in the Integrated Direct Marketing Campaigns category for their Doritos For The Bold campaign.