July, 2016
Mortimer Harvey Africa Middle East turns 2!

JOHANNESBURG – Tuesday, 19 July 2016. From three people in a small room in a shared apartment to 30 marketing specialists in a design office overlooking the Nile, in the past two years, a lot of heart and smart has gone into making Mortimer Harvey Africa Middle East a true success story.

Talent and know-how
The team in Cairo is made up of a group of passionate, young marketing experts working together to create the future of marketing and advertising. They transition effortlessly from one field to the other with flexibility and curiosity.

A creative conglomeration
The offices are filled with a unique and vibrant mix of backgrounds and personalities. Graduates from the American University Cairo (AMC) rub shoulders with digital, advertising, marketing and local and international brand gurus. What they all have in common is open minds, an eagerness to learn and innovate, and the shared commitment to deliver the best service experience possible.

Ahead of the game
The agency continually evolves and grows to rethink and redefine what they’re here to do. Currently, they offer a full go-to-market service, from strategy, business and marketing consulting to advertising and digital marketing, sales, e-commerce and CRM.

Partnership is the name of the game
Mortimer Harvey Africa Middle East partners with local and multinational clients and gets involved in every aspect of their commercial activities. Vodafone, Total, Credit Agricole, AXA, Magrabi Optical (the largest fashion eyewear retailer in the MENA region) and Asfour Crystal (the largest crystal manufacturer in the world) have already enjoyed the benefits of the agency’s innovative solutions.

Why Africa and the Middle East?
“We believe strongly in the huge potential of Africa and the Middle East. Two years ago we had a vision. Now, we’ve proven to our partners and ourselves that what we do is exactly the market needs. And guess what? We love it!” says Thibaud Weick, CEO: Mortimer Harvey Africa Middle East.

Crossing borders
From the banks of the Nile to Nigeria, where they operate a virtual office, from the Central African Republic to successful projects in Jordan, Oman, Qatar and Dubai –the journey has only just begun.