October, 2015
Loyalty programmes: Managing client relations

Marketing agency Mortimer Harvey has entered into a partnership with a Danish customer loyalty company to import a new programme to manage client relations in the retail space.

While many brands have some form of incentive programme, usually based on awarding points, they are often unwieldy and poorly managed. This leads to customer frustration and high churn rates. The tie-up with Copenhagen-based Loyal Solutions provides opportunities for clients either running a loyalty programme or contemplating initiating one. The partnership covers Africa, the Middle East and India.

Group MD Andrew Fradd says Loyal Solutions has developed a cloud-based platform which manages complex loyalty and membership programmes in a straightforward way. “The platform is able to manage any type of programme, be it cash-back, instant cash, coupons, points-based, omni-channel, closed-circuit or open-loop with the capability to separately control rewards accrual and redemption.”

Peter Kisbey, Loyal Solutions CEO and partner, says LoyalTfacts can be launched without any IT implementation as it’s connected to over 32m stores worldwide. He says a local, regional or global programme can be set up within six to eight weeks. All the programme owner requires is an Internet connection and the merchant can use existing payment terminals. The customer needs a card or an app.