August, 2016
Incubating young talent

Mortimer Harvey embraces the talent and ideas of young employees, nurturing and creating an environment in which they can grow. The Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR Academy is the agency’s junior board and sets a precedent in the advertising industry as a whole.

These days, many organisations, such as Deloitte and Mortimer Harvey, are recognising their young employees as being a vital asset when it comes to providing suggestions and recommendations that assist the company to remain relevant in their markets.

“Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR is a creative and effective means for the agency to capitalise on the time, talent and networks of the young professionals who will one day run the industry,” says Andrew Fradd, Group Managing Director.

Who makes up the Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR Academy?

Every full-time Mortimer Harvey employee under the age of 26 sits on the Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR board. This means that every division of the agency is represented, from creative and strategy to client service and business development.

Co-creating success

The Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR ethos revolves around being confident in who you are and what you can offer the agency, your community and the world. In keeping with this, each member was tasked to come up with their own, original job title outside business and agency norms. So, the agency now boasts an Entrepreneurial Architect responsible for creating proactive, innovative and risk-taking projects, a VP of Creative Miscellaneous Stuff doing a little of everything, and a Swag Master – keeping things young, relevant and exciting, among others.

Young and going places

Just because the members of the Academy are young and starting out in their careers, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a vital and important role to play. They’re on the ground when it comes to organisational issues and able to devise creative solutions to everyday problems.

So far, they’ve helped to reduce paper usage and waste, streamlined approval and proofreading processes and inspired the entire agency with valuable creative insights from around the world.

Beyond the agency

The Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR Academy isn’t confined by the agency’s walls. It follows the approach of football clubs and their academies in actively seeking out and nurturing young talent in the community.

Mortimer Harvey sponsors a creative environment at the Maharishi Institute that empowers disadvantaged students with the creative and business know-how they need to join the advertising industry. Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR Academy employees lecture, teach and create a proactive learning environment with the latest technology, theory and practical skills.

Investing in tomorrow

Mortimer Harvey believes that the only way to be an award-winning agency in the future is by actively investing in the youth of the business and community. The Mortimer Harvey INQB8TOR Academy aims to positively change the lives of its young professionals and students by giving them a platform to be heard, a stage to manage and an understanding of how to succeed.