October, 2017

JOHANNESBURG – Date TBA: Bobtail is a much loved South African brand. For over 30 years, it has been lovingly poured into dog food bowls, keeping our pooches happy and healthy. Rob Laggar, Marketing Director for RCL Foods states “After 30 years as SA’s most trusted and loved dog food brand, Bobtail is doing more to accelerate growth and reinforce their leading position. “We are the market leaders within the mainstream segment & it is an opportune time for us to grow the category further with our brand new look and enhanced value proposition.” So, when it came to creating a new brand campaign, RCL Foods knew it had to be something special and looked to Mortimer Harvey for the solution.

The initial phase of this campaign features an emotive television commercial, entitled Bobtail Journey. “The challenge was to build on a very functional message, ‘For Strong South African Dogs’, while creating a story that touches South African dog lovers’ hearts” says Chris Potter, Executive Creative Director at Mortimer Harvey. “Often, our dogs are our pillars of emotional strength, and that’s what we wanted to portray. It’s a very simple story of the bond between man and his best friend, delivered in a surprising manner.”

Directed by Egg Films’ Jason Fialkov, the commercial was shot in the picturesque Eastern Cape Wild Coast to celebrate the beautiful South Africa we all know and love. “The shoot was an organic process. We didn’t know precisely what to expect from each day, which helped our brilliant cast and crew to create authentic moments,” adds Potter.

The commercial, which was also posted on a brand-new Facebook page with no followers, has already reached a total of 129 648 viewed minutes, with the video being seen 47 000 times from start to finish. To date, the total reach is 679 493, with the viral reach being 217 845.

Andy Rice also made Bobtail his Hero on Talk Radio 702’s Money Show, saying, “It’s a nice piece of emotional advertising. It’s a brave piece of advertising – it doesn’t get too involved in the intricacies of the product, but talks about the brand, leaving you with the impression that this is the right food to give to your dog if he aspires to be a Jock of the Bushveld type of hero. This ad is brilliant”. Adforum placed Bobtail Journey second on their Top 5 Best Ads Worldwide list, while announced that, “South Africa’s favourite advert is the best thing you’ll watch all day”.

Aamina Shaik, Senior Brand Manager – Pet Food at RCL Foods is impressed by the results,

“It’s incredible to see how South Africans are responding to this powerful example of the irreplaceable bond between man, his best friend & Bobtail. We are excited for our relaunch & are confident that we will get more tongues and tails wagging!”


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