February, 2018
December road death toll, decreases by 11%

When the RAF tasked us with creating their festive campaign to raise awareness for road safety over December 2017 we decided to tug at the readers’ heart strings. Using the overarching concept #AlwaysRemember, we developed our ‘messages from the grave’ campaign, which consisted of a series of safety pleas from people who had lost their lives in road accidents.

The art direction used a clean minimalistic approach in order not to detract from the powerful messaging and we are proud that the campaign returned some impressive results for our client.

Campaign KPIs Results
Increase website conversion by 2% Increased campaign engagement by 37,28%
Drive awareness of RAF services Achieve 7,639 website Link Clicks to drive service awareness
Increase engagement on all RAF platforms by 2% Increased Facebook engagement rates by 37%, Twitter by 17% and Instagram by 101%
Increase total RAF fan base by 25 000 Acquired 59 451 new fans over three weeks, surpassing our KPI by 238%